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Name:Intercourse, the penguin
Birthdate:Apr 26
Location:California, United States of America
I am my own evil twin.

This side is my scientist side. It gets me out of bed in the morning, keeps me out of trouble at work, and makes sure I exercise and take my vitamins. It has more discipline than I think I'm capable of and an insatiable curiosity about almost everything.

This side is my punk-rock-kick-ass-cooler-than-you side. It makes sure I have at least one pair of fuck-me boots in my closet, awesome hair, and enough charm and wit to entertain anyone at a party. It has a bigger alcohol tolerance than I think I'm capable of and an insatiable appetite for music of all genres.

I haven't decided which side is the evil twin. For now, they alternate.

My journal has undergone some changes in the last year. I post a little about interesting scientific findings, a little fannish squee about music. Occasionally I post about tv. Mostly I post about me, my life, my family, et cetera. My friendslist is really that; a list of friends with whom I'd feel comfortable discussing anything. As a result, I don't add many people unless we've chatted a bit in another journal.

Interests (115):

absurdity, adrienne rich, aimee mann, amy steinberg, angel, ani difranco, anne sexton, battlestar galactica, bebop, beer, billie holiday, biotechnology, bjork, brass, buckeye football, buffy the vampire slayer, channeling crazy simians, charlie kaufman, charlie parker, charmed, choral music, christopher moore, cormac mccarthy, david bowie, dayna kurtz, dead like me, dinah washington, eddie izzard, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, eternal sunshine, etta james, f scott fitzgerald, farce, farscape, feminism, femslash, fiona apple, firefly, frida kahlo, gabriel garcia marquez, gala choruses, garbage, going to concerts, grey's anatomy, hanging with the lads, harry potter, hatin'dubya, heroes, hip hop, hundred years of solitude, idolizing mame dennis, indie rock, jeff buckley, jill scott, john coltrane is annoying, jon stewart, jonatha brooke, jyoti-bihanga, kate bush, kristin hersh, margaret cho, margie adam, melanie demore, meshell ndegeocello, miles davis, monkey robot dinosaur, movies, muppets, neil finn, patty griffin, pete yorn, phatty burritos, photography, pj harvey, poetry, politics, popular, pro-choice, project runway, punk rock, radiohead, reading, rilo kiley, rosalind russell, running, sam raimi, sarah waters, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, shamanism, singing, sister singers festival, six feet under, south of nowhere, spike jonze, star trek, surfing, swimming, sylvia plath, tattoos, the sun also rises, the sundays, tori amos, tropic of cancer, trumpet, used book stores, veronica mars, weeds, writing, x-files, x-men, xena
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