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Good rehearsal last night. Actually, pretty good board meeting prior to rehearsal. It seems like SDWC is starting to get attention from other arts groups in the city. It makes sense, because for the last ~2 years we've done a TON(NE) of special projects and events. Groups like the Diversionary Theater and HillQuest are asking to us to do events with them. We also have two non-chorus members on our board of directors and they both have energy, enthusiasm and great ideas.

I thought we might have a lull this summer. Not so much; there's still a lot of chorus work to do. I have mixed feelings about this, naturally. I have a lonely surfboard and pale pale skin longing for a trip to the beach. On the other hand, the chorus is on a high from our Sister Singers Festival experience and everyone is positive and optimistic. So I can't complain, even when the only part of me that spends any time in surf is my unconscious mind. Seriously, in my dreams I've gone surfing every night this week. O.o

On a personal note, I'm actually feeling a teeny bit presidential now. I have some very big shoes to fill; prior presidents have been incredible administrators and/or vast storehouses of knowledge and expertise. This I am not. I am however a good cheerleader; oddly enough, I think our group really needs someone like that to keep them motivated right now. So, I'm neither Theresa nor Carol but maybe I am the right person at the right time.

Coincidentally, last night was the first time our AD "Hail to the Chief"'d me.

OK more coffee....
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... and I'm dying of happy. :) Still have to make up to SDSU for the closing ceremonies and mass chorus performances. Then a beach party with at least 120 groovy women.

Heh. Awesome.


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