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It is a good thing to feel well enough to run again. :)
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  1. [livejournal.com profile] virginmartyr1 and I found a good Iyengar yoga studio. We went to class yesterday after work and it felt wonderful. Good, directed, detail-oriented instruction to open up muscles and get energy moving in the body. I felt relaxed and energized afterwards. Plus there are puppies! The teachers have two lovely Jack Russells who hang out in the class quietly during asanas, then come out to make the rounds of lovies and snuggles afterwards. Yoga with puppies! Is that not the best thing ever?

  2. After yoga, we were both HUNGRY. And I had a bean burrito, with no repercussions from my body. w00t!

  3. While eating the aforementioned burrito (i love the word "aforementioned") we watched episode two of Studio 60. Gilbert and Sullivan FTW!!!!!!
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I've lived in San Diego roughly 6 years now, run trails, gone for hikes. Before that, I lived in Phoenix where I hiked, walked trails, et cetera. I had never seen a rattlesnake in the wild, though.

I can now amend that statement. [livejournal.com profile] virginmartyr1 and I went for a walk at dusk at Mission Trails Park and saw three good-sized rattlesnakes doing their early evening heat soak.

I think next time we'll go for a walk just a little bit earlier.


How was everyone's weekend? Anything exciting happen?


In other news: The 2006 Drum Corps International World Championship! Broadcast on ESPN2! Tonight at 8pm!
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Trail running is A Good Thing.

Except, watch out for loose stones on the path. Also, it's best to clean abrasions with peroxide right away.

That is all.
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  • taking advantage of not working by hitting the Y in the middle of the day, getting in good swims, yoga class and all sorts of happy exercise
  • being able to run at a faster pace on the treadmill, which is very handy for people who've decided to run in their first 5k this fall O.O
  • lifting more weight at each machine
  • and best of all, when your girl grabs your waist to hug you she  stops, squeezes your (brand new) ab muscles and says "ooooh!"

Seriously, it's all about the chicks. ;)
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Day 6 of SparkPeople and I have learned that I need to eat more. Generally, I need to incorporate more complex carbohydrates into my diet. First, I need to get a mental picture of what foods those are and gradually learn to add them to meals. One potential goal I could set is to "eat 4 servings of complex carbs a day." This actually might be something I can do next week or in week 3.

So far I feel really good. I mean, I still hate strength work (crunches in particular) but last night on my mirror check I felt good about how my waist looks. And I showed Carin that I'm getting ab muscles! w00t!

Off to yoga.


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