Nov. 9th, 2006 09:49 am
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Noted biologist plans UCSD lab

*mulls genomics field*
*mulls bioinformatics necessary to do that sort of genomics work*
*ponders resume*


good things

Sep. 7th, 2006 06:20 pm
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there are two female deer calmly browsing just outside my window.

i love my job.

also, [ profile] liz_marcs got me thinking about how much i like bruce campbell. so GIP.
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Whee! My first choice came through! Now, if only [profile] virginmartyr1 weren't sick as a dog with bronchitis, we might celebrate! ;)
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I've been reading some of the papers published by the guy at ACADIA. Dude, it's been a loooong time since I've read about g protein-coupled receptors; everything is just going whiizzzzzzzzzzzz over my head. Time to dig out my copy of Alberts and do a little refresher course. Wow. Cool stuff though, lots of mechanistic studies, interesting work teasing out modes of action of anti-schizophrenic drugs. That's the kind of stuff I wanted to study in grad school, stuff that I have sadly never studied. The prospect of the job, the research, and the material I'd need to learn poses an enticing challenge.


I'm not sure there's other news to report. I'm spending lots of time preparing for the SDWC concert this Saturday. I've discovered a latent ability to call local businesses and baldly ask for donations. I've also discovered I'm insanely gungho about the chorus. I still think the chorus made a mistake electing me to the board of directors and that the board made a mistake nominating me for president. But I have no illusions about what I can and cannot do; my only goal is to stick to my strengths and delegate the rest. (ha!)


In the realm of "Reasons My Mom is Cooler Than Yours," did I mention she watches Veronica Mars? She's always had a soft spot for detective shows, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when she exclaimed "Veronica Mars, I like her!" The trouble comes when I try to align VM with Jessica Fletcher. (Columbo seems less of a stretch, oddly.) ;)

We also spent a HUGE chunk of time watching both LotR 2 & 3. My tech-naive parents were recently given a DVD player. Mom still hasn't figured it out but I think that DVD's subtitle options may win her over. God forbid she actually put in her hearing aid. I think she likes ignoring the world. O.o


I think I'm done. Am I done? Yeah, I think I'm done.
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Lila the Wonder Kitten had her first series of shots this weekend. Everyone survived with only minor clawing incidents. Mama is slightly wigged about Lila's upcoming appointment to be spayed but perhaps she is oversympathizing with the wee one. Stranger things have happened.

It's been hot this weekend with temps around 80F. Saturday afternoon was perfect weather to head to the park, which I did. I got in some good trumpet practice and even a bit of praise from a passing 7-year old. It's the small joys, peeps.

I'm about to call Senomyx's HR department to get some additional info on benefits, etc.

You should all help me collect data for my Johari window experiment, because it is fun and interesting! ;)


Feb. 8th, 2006 07:45 pm
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This was really a pretty spectacular day. No seriously, I mean it. This morning was an interview at Senomyx. Lovely area, lovely people, novel and interesting technology. I won't hear from them until the beginning of March, though.

After that I hit the gym, followed by a stop at the park for a bit of trumpet practice. I've decided I really want to do a bit of work on a piece as well as the etudes. However, the songbooks I own are all for classical pieces, and my head and heart are into jazz and standards right now. I'd love to find a nice horn/piano arrangement of God Bless the Child or Skylark. I'm sure I could pick something out by ear, but I want the option of playing accompanied. You know, in case a situation presents itself. I'm just saying.

When I got home, I had just enough time to grab a drink of water before the phone rang. It was a PI from one of the local small pharmaceuticals who'd seen my resume and was impressed. We had a good long chat; he's from the Northeast & possesses a dry sarcastic wit. He could very well be my new best friend. Okay maybe not, but he could quite possibly be my new boss. This would be All Right With Me.

Then it was almost 6 and the Girl came home, after which we ate dinner, after which it is now now. And now I am done. Ta da!
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I heard back from the HR person at Genprobe. They have not made a decision yet, as there was another interview this week. She has not collected all the feedback from the 7 zillion interviewers but should get back to me by next Monday. She assures me that I am one of the top candidates, though.

I have to wait five more days! Five more days!

aw yeah

Nov. 18th, 2005 11:40 am
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Got a phone interview at Pfizer next week.

Who da (wo)man?
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Big experiment today, which means that I'll be busy. It's not terribly creative work but I'm already thinking about how I'll analyze the data and which variables to compare. That's something.

Had some good meditation the other day. Neat images of a seated Buddha in a great dark expanse, the figure rotating slowly away from me, then back. As the figure rotated back, the Buddha was replaced by me. "All right, what's this about?" I wondered.

You'll find out, all in due time was the answer.

Isn't that so very often the answer?

job update

Aug. 18th, 2005 10:02 am
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Interview this afternoon. Slight case of nerves, as it's been a while. I should get a run in this morning.

Also submitted my resume to a company looking for an Applications Scientist. This means (in layspeak) that they're a bunch of propellerheads who need someone with interpersonal skills to talk to customers and collaborators. Hey, that could be me.

Also received an auto-generated message from the HR department of a Jinormous n' Jigantic pharmaceutical company, telling me my resume matched with a brand-new opening for a Scientist in Drug Discovery, and would I like to tell them about my primary research focus and by the way, what experience do I have in managing multiple projects at once? *gulp* Okay, might be completely out of my element but I applied anyway. *eep*

Just forwarded my electronic resume to a nice lady at one of the local small pharmas, who offered to pass it along to her peers. Cheers, nice lady!
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  • I've registered for UCSD's Intro to Bioinformatics course, starting 9/26/05. I'm taking it pass/non-pass since it's been forever since I've been in school, but I'm proud of myself for signing up.

  • I am a Networking Queen. I've sent emails asking for contacts inside a companies I like and have followed up with said contacts. I've also finally gotten around to sending in my membership application for the Lambda Biotech Association.

  • In case I forget, please remind me that when I'm stressed like I've been lately I always always need to run or get some kind of exercise every day. It keeps me sane.

  • Remember the estranged friend I recently encountered online? We've been emailing back and forth, taking things a step at a time and seem to be getting on well with each other. This is a very nice feeling.

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I have just received a request for an interview.
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I really am fed up with my current job.


Aug. 2nd, 2005 12:37 pm
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Some of you who know me IRL are aware of my fervent desire to find a new job. I've dusted off the resume, passed it to a few friends who aren't ashamed to pimp me out, and applied to a few cool-sounding gigs. I'm highly marketable even if I'm not always comfortable really promoting myself and am trying to become accustomed to telling potential employers all the good stuff about me. I'm getting better about it.

But. Anyway. If any of you in the San Diego area know any people at local pharmas or biotechs, please keep me in mind. Any of you outside the area, please think good thoughts/send new job vibes/light a candle/do whatever works for you. I want to make this change happen and am not embarrassed to ask for whatever help you are able to offer.



Apr. 12th, 2005 11:29 am
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It is official! As of the end of this month, the Furry German will no longer be at this company!
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Called off sick today. Totally revamped the resume and sent it to Friends Who Know People. Applied online to a couple positions.

Fuck the German.

la de da

Dec. 2nd, 2004 10:17 am
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Presently killing time before I have to go set up my next experiment. I'm doing a competitive audit and our stuff didn't look so good. I'm re-running the experiment in a different enzyme mix to see if the results are the same. Oy. This could be a seriously shitty couple of weeks, depending on what kind of data I get.

On Tuesday, I had lunch with some R&D people who are usually out of my sphere of interaction. From them I learned some very unsettling information about company actions, some very sketchy misuse of the outsourcing process and the INS. Oy. Checked around, and no there still aren't any jobs I'd apply for. So I'm here trying to be as positive as possible. It's getting harder, though.

In an effort to cultivate the patience needed to refrain from killing upper management, I've started meditating again. This needs to be a regular practice, so get on my case if I don't seem to be holding up my end. Deal?

In other news, Christmas lights are going up. While I'm not a big fan of the whole Christmas phenomenon, I confess that I love seeing pretty colored lights along the houses. It pleases me, a little bit of beauty in an unexpected place. :)

Time to go. Ciao kids.
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I rock so HARD!

Who has figured out the source of the Machine Problem From Hell? Who put her biochemistry expertise to work and came up with the theory that everyone else thought was goofy -- but turned out to be true?

If you answered "Furry German" then you my friend are WRONG!

If you said, "Hey, that sounds like Sarah." Then you are COMPLETELY CORRECT!

Recognize my genius brilliance! Huzzah!
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Second interview for Maryland job is this afternoon. Happy thoughts, please.
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Regarding the job offer, I learned a few things this afternoon. Favorable things. But there are still several answers I need before I can make a decision, meaning at least 2 more meetings before it's settled.

I don't like waiting.


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