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i have a pastry blender in my purse.
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1. For some reason, I no longer own any Dead Milkmen cd's. I very very much need to have the song "Life is Shit" in my collection; does anyone have it?

2. [profile] virginmartyr1 and I were Good Lesbians and saw Indigo Girls last night. I hadn't seen them since I lived in Phoenix. Good show, lots of fun; I was surprised at how many of the lyrics I recall.

3. I've come to the odd realization that I'm a cowboy. Seriously. Don't believe me? Go here, she explains the whole thing. Chaotic good = cowboy = me.

Does this make me Mal? Dude.

4. Dead Milkmen. For me. Please.
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Waking up at something-ungodly-past-midnight because I'm overheated and can't sleep is not fun. I got out of bed around 12:30 to try to cool off and finally felt a little better after 1 or so. I fell asleep again somewhere in the neighborhood of 2. Today I am very groggy from having my sleep broken up; I do not know if there is enough coffee in Indonesia to perk me up this morning.

Oh coffee, you cruel and capricious mistress! Why have you forsaken me?

(Ok, I get a little goofy when I'm sleepy.)

(Hey, HEY! I said when I'm sleepy!)

(Fine, be that way. I'll be talking about quantum mechanics before the end of the day, just you wait 'Enry 'Iggins, just you wait.)
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Some random things I've noticed.

  • Dead Like Me was truly, painfully good. I say painfully because we're watching season 2 on dvd and it hurts to remember that the Fucktards In Charge cancelled it.
  • Sometimes, you just have to think about quantum mecahnics, M theory, and the origin of the universe. What's odd (and somewhat frightening) is how intuitive M theory is compared to quantum mechanics. At least, it is for me. Your mileage may vary.
  • The new Dixie Chicks album= Love. Seriously. They collaborated with Pete Yorn and Neil Finn, people. That fact alone makes me want to have their babies.
Kidding aside, learning that NF worked with them on "Silent House" made a lot of sense to me. I can easily hear his influence on the chord progression, the sparse but affecting imagery. I can hear how he'd sing it, were he to record the number, and I'm certain it would be good. But there's something Natalie Maines brings to the vocal that I don't believe he could. As her lead twines around Martie Maguire's counter, they approach that wistful, aching, high lonesome sound that's so effective in bluegrass music.
  • A movie theater is a bad place to have a major life-changing realization. Just, so you know.
  • Fucking drosophila! They get on my last good nerve.
  • World Cup! Woo!
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I always knew the things I learned in college would yield great rewards some day.Turns out, the things I learned outside of class are just as important as what I learned in lecture. I just won over Svetlana, our main admin assistant, with my tremendous knowledge of Ukranian food such as salat olivier and vinigret. She was also highly impressed that I knew what a chinik was, and complemented me on my pronunciation of swolitch.

She then taught me what suka and kurva mean, commented that I look a little bit Slavic and asked if anyone had ever told me I look a little like Irina Slutskaya. I said no. I think she was mainly impressed that I knew who Irina Slutskaya is. (ps thanks [personal profile] mosca)

My life is full of joy. ;)

I have to go home now and pack. And then I have to vacuum. And then, take a spare key to [profile] king_ghidorah so he can feed my kitten this weekend.

But first I have to leave work. So I'll do that now.
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Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | The Fix:
Tom Cruise on how he managed to outwit the paparazzi and safeguard Katie Holmes and daughter Suri since her birth last week: "Do you think I'm gonna let anybody mess with my girls? Come on, man, I make 'Mission: Impossible' movies." (ContactMusic)
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I need to have a thing, with the thing, by the other thing.

Anyone want to join me?
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  • I want to form a jazz fusion band called Haricot Vert. We could do off-kilter reworkings of alt-country or folk tunes.

    Or, you know, NOT.

  • Also, I have no story but I have a setting called Casa Perdita. Maybe some funky noir shit.

    Or, you know, NOT.

  • Also, been reworking some old stories with original characters who now, for the purposes of my brain, are being played by Sandra Oh and Nathan Fillion.

    Okay, that one's actually kinda fun. I'll keep it.

le ick

Mar. 21st, 2006 11:29 am
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I'm feeling mildly icky the last few days. Not terrible, just not up to par. I suspect there's a stomach thing floating around the area; I haven't been hungry at all (oh so rare!) yesterday and today.
And all I really feel like doing is sitting on the couch and re-watching Batman Begins.

Instead I've been reading up on CSS, trying to learn a few things. Also I've been catching up on email *shock gasp*. If I owe you correspondence, check your inboxes soon!

Anyone on IM today? I feel like wasting time. Yahoo and AOL username is the same as livejournal. I'm absurdly shy and the likelihood of me bounding up and saying hello is nil, but if you ping me I'm happy to chat.
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If I were to do something stupid, what do you suggest I do?

ETA: The goal was to find something I might actually do, so please don't suggest things like having babies with heterosexual men, et cetera. Thank you.
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I feel like I should post something, but I really have nothing to say. But in the interest of ... well, wasting time I guess, rec me something. A book, a fic, a show, a song, whatever. I'm a sponge.
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I've been reading some of the papers published by the guy at ACADIA. Dude, it's been a loooong time since I've read about g protein-coupled receptors; everything is just going whiizzzzzzzzzzzz over my head. Time to dig out my copy of Alberts and do a little refresher course. Wow. Cool stuff though, lots of mechanistic studies, interesting work teasing out modes of action of anti-schizophrenic drugs. That's the kind of stuff I wanted to study in grad school, stuff that I have sadly never studied. The prospect of the job, the research, and the material I'd need to learn poses an enticing challenge.


I'm not sure there's other news to report. I'm spending lots of time preparing for the SDWC concert this Saturday. I've discovered a latent ability to call local businesses and baldly ask for donations. I've also discovered I'm insanely gungho about the chorus. I still think the chorus made a mistake electing me to the board of directors and that the board made a mistake nominating me for president. But I have no illusions about what I can and cannot do; my only goal is to stick to my strengths and delegate the rest. (ha!)


In the realm of "Reasons My Mom is Cooler Than Yours," did I mention she watches Veronica Mars? She's always had a soft spot for detective shows, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when she exclaimed "Veronica Mars, I like her!" The trouble comes when I try to align VM with Jessica Fletcher. (Columbo seems less of a stretch, oddly.) ;)

We also spent a HUGE chunk of time watching both LotR 2 & 3. My tech-naive parents were recently given a DVD player. Mom still hasn't figured it out but I think that DVD's subtitle options may win her over. God forbid she actually put in her hearing aid. I think she likes ignoring the world. O.o


I think I'm done. Am I done? Yeah, I think I'm done.
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I want a taco.

Yes. Yes I do.

Rolled preferably, with guacamole, lettuce and cheese.

*waits for rolled tacos to magically appear in front of me*
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I am so BORED! I have nothing to do for work; I've already checked for new job listings. There was one and I've already applied. I've trolled friends-of-friends for fics and/or random fannish weirdness. (Added a few peeps, particularly those with a hard-on for BSG). And I've read a couple chapters of my programming book.


Although hey, not so wacky and ADD today. Yay for the soothing influence of Valerian on my brain. Ahhh!

I'm having an upside-down day. Meaning, I would like to be upside down instead of rightside up. I have these urges every so often -- the trouble is, having no upper body strength makes it tough to do handstands. When I was a kid, I'd go to our garage and hang upside down from the rafters. Ahhh, that sounds so appealing right now! Who knows, maybe I'm part bat? Whatever.

I don't want to be bored. Minions, entertain me!
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  1. TMI: The nice thing about having my period back on schedule is that last night I was able to look at the phase of the moon and realize "Oh. I must be pmsing. No wonder I'm all emotional. And my boobs feel big."

  2. I just saw the fabulously kick-ass KO (super-cool 40-something head of tech writing biker chick) talking motorcycles with Oddly Hot Robin. I've always wondered whether KO is family; this only fuels my suspicion/curiosity.

  3. Mary, Mary, why you buggin'?

  4. I should probably use this downtime to read the programming books I borrowed from the library, but I'd rather do something silly, like write down random thoughts in ordered lists. I love the appearance of order where none exists. There is no Blind Watchmaker, and understanding the process is key to grasping the meaning of the outcome.

  5. I need a new calendar. Also, 2 weeks until I'm in Ohio! w00t!

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So it's 10:30 on a Saturday and I slept in until quarter to 10. Glorious. I'm having my second cup of coffee oh coffee my dark mistress and am deciding what to do today. Gym? Yeah at some point today I should hit the gym. Deal with litter box and garbage, take the recycling up to the center. That accounts for perhaps 2 or 3 hours.

Anyone have suggestions?
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  1. Oh it's Friday and Friday's a happy day. As the kids on the internet like to say, "w00t." It looks like I'll get to do a little bit more voiceover work in the next few months. A guy who had me do narration for a project a year or so ago just sent an email asking if I'd be able to do narration on his next project. It's a set of webinars aimed at educating our salesforce (and executives) on our products. I'm all over that, it took all of 30 seconds for me to decide hell yes I'd love a chance to do that again! I got my very favorite pen from the last time I was down at the recording studio. It's an excellent pen. Refillable too. Go team me!

  2. I'm embarrassed to admit I may see Underworld: Evolution. I doubt I'll see it in theaters. I also doubt I'll have to wait long to rent it. O.o

  3. My coworker Sandy has the cutest baby girl who, for the reasons unknown to this blogger, is referred to as "The Spud." Spud is a super cute and funny little person. Spud was just in the lab to visit her mama. Spud let me hold her and subsequently made coo-ey giggly burbly Spud noises at me.

    I win at teh babies!

  4. Tonight [livejournal.com profile] virginmartyr1 and I are helping our friend Ginger celebrate her 30th birthday. (Yes that's her real name and yes I'm mildly tickled to say I know someone named Ginger. That wasn't my point.) As part of this celebration, we will be heading into the wilds of the San Diego nightlife with roughly a dozen straight chicks who will be in their natural element. I feel mild trepidation and flashes of panic at this prospect.

    I do not use the term "straight chick" to designate their sexual orientation per se, but to identify a particular species of heterosexual woman. You know the type. Regardless of their particular sexual history, they never read as remotely queer. Regardless of their taste in music or art, they always read as mainstream. For example, Ginger double majored in philosophy and women's studies at a small liberal arts school, is prone to quoting Ani Difranco over drinks and is a diehard Buffy fan. And she's totally a straight chick.

    I'm not sure what constitutes inclusion in that group. It's not femininity, nor orientation, nor even mainstream likes and dislikes. I count as friends many heterosexual women who I aren't "straight chicks" but I can't quite put my finger on what sets them apart. Maybe straight chicks are the women who, as girls, very quickly learned to adopt gender roles and behaviors and so appear "more feminine" than the rest of us.

    Maybe I need a large glass of vodka right this very minute so I stop thinking of cracktastic things like this.
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-I'm thinking about finally switching from a desktop to a laptop. Okay, only thinking, not doing. The truth is, although my PC is 3.5 - 4 years old and is certainly slowing down, it's still in pretty good shape. I really won't need to replace it for another year or so and I can't justify shelling out the cash for a new toy simply for the sake of getting a new toy. But a girl can daydream and sigh over CNET reviews, can't she?

Anyone have a laptop they want to squee over?

-I tried Opera a couple of months ago when version 8 first became available and really wasn't impressed. I quickly went back to Firefox. But the other day I was getting a little frustrated with Firefox's sluggishness and decided to see whether Opera was as annoying as I remembered.

It isn't. The interface is clean and easy to use, some of the incompatibility issues that so vexed me have been ironed out. I've been able to sort out the wacky cache issue that annoyed me last time, so I don't have to reload a page every time I navigate back. And the sucker is FAST. I have it installed at work (on the evil ancient Windows 2000 beast of doom) and at home. So far I'm pretty happy.

-Anyone have a Yahoo Mail Beta account? What's your impression?


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