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I had a really weird dream this weekend. the dream )

Weird. In the realm of chick stuff, guys feel free to skip )

No tv updates this week, haven't watched anything yet. Okay, I caught Friday's BSG and I love how screwed Tigh is. He is such a trainwreck. Wow. Interesting character.

C and I watched our friends walk in the Komen 3-Day Walk this weekend. It was a very emotional experience, from witnessing all these people whose lives have been directly affected by breast cancer to watching exhausted, hurting walkers finish up the last stretch of day 3. Wow.

OK work now.
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A friend sent me a link to the homepage of a guy that used to dj a weekly goth/industrial dance night in Cleveland, circa '95. The dj had scanned and uploaded various pics taken at the club, and my friend pointed out that there are several shots where you can see our friend Dave dancing in the crowd. I checked out the pics and had such a weird feeling; not just of reminiscing but almost of being in two places at the same time.

So, just because, I've posted one of the pics. Yay, Dancing Daves are here again.

dancing @ violent playground dancing @ violent playground

the guy in the blue shirt just left of center is dave

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Big experiment today, which means that I'll be busy. It's not terribly creative work but I'm already thinking about how I'll analyze the data and which variables to compare. That's something.

Had some good meditation the other day. Neat images of a seated Buddha in a great dark expanse, the figure rotating slowly away from me, then back. As the figure rotated back, the Buddha was replaced by me. "All right, what's this about?" I wondered.

You'll find out, all in due time was the answer.

Isn't that so very often the answer?


Jan. 26th, 2005 12:38 pm
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A couple days ago [livejournal.com profile] stevienicks321 posted about dream space, specifically about recognizing a place in her dream. It's not a matter of recognizing a location from waking life, but a matter of "visiting" a particular place often while dreaming. This was my reply to her, with a little more detail added:

I have places I always go when I dream. I don't know if it's all one big city or different places. But when I'm stressed, there's sort of a ghetto-inner city area I wander around. There's a university where I spend time going to lectures and such, a nice funky downtown with really cool cafes and an arty-bohemian flavor, and a seaport area that's really pretty and quaint with cobblestone streets and lots of ivy-- the streets are old and narrow, and you have to park your car and walk.

It's sea-side and sometimes I just drive along the coast.

What about you? Do you have regular haunts in your dreams, is every place a new one, or do you not remember?


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