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I would like nothing better than to grab a foamy and hit the surf for the next 3-5 days, get some instruction from a good teacher, and just surf my arse off.

Stupid work.
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Stop with the raining! Some of us would like to have un-gross water to surf in this weekend.


*gestures at rainclouds*

*does white girl dance of no-rain making*

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Went surfing yesterday, which was fab and fun. I felt the need to put myself at the mercy of the ocean and surrender the need to control my environment. It was super beneficial. But I digress.

I went surfing at La Jolla shores, a mellow beach break popular with longboarders and more mellow surfers. It just doesn't have the kind of waves you could shred. It's physics, with its hard intractable laws that cannae be changed by man nor board. However, every time I've surfed there has always been at least one guy on a shortboard trying to catch every wave, pumping the board, cutting back, trying to 180. They always fail, miserably, and fall off the board usually to watch someone on a 10 foot tree glide along the same wave long enough to take a walk down to the nose.

Yesterday was no different. And after the umpteenth time of seeing Mister Hair Gel Short Board Aggro Man try to 180, I wanted to shake him. I wanted to ask him why, if he surfs this way, does he come to La Jolla shores? And if he must come to La Jolla shores, why does he not walk a half mile up the beach to where the pier is and surf there? 'Cause, yeah it's a walk but at least it's not a total beach break. The waves are always better up there for short boards. He could cut back and shred to his heart's delight and not look like a total kook. 'Cause buddy, you may think you're cool but the sad truth is you look like a kook. And if I think you look like a kook; well, let's just say you'd better stop and check yourself. Dude.
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There are times when I get fed up with living in SoCal. San Diego is a redneck military town that refuses to grow up and act like a real metropolis. There are the LA wannabes who walk around in designer clothes, go broke buying the latest gadgets and giant gas-guzzling cars, and get interest-only mortages on homes they can't afford. And then big pharmaceutical companies move their R&D jobs-- the ones I want in target identification and drug development -- back to company HQ on the east coast. All that stuff sucks.

But then, I go surfing after work with my buddy and even though there aren't many waves we hang out in the lineup shooting the shit as the sun sets. And a small pod of dolphins swims by 20 feet from us. And then I feel lucky as hell to live where I do.
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betty betty

This is the new girl in my life. Her name is Betty and I'm certain we'll have a long and happy relationship.
racked and ready racked and ready

This is Betty all racked up on the new car (Shirley) yesterday morning.
chicks dig bruises chicks dig bruises

My newest surfing trophy. Rock on!

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I own a surf rack.

My board is waxed.

Oh yeah, baby.
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I now own a surfboard. :D
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A group of surfers in southern California break the world record for most surfers on a single wave. And they did it for charity.

Surfers rock!
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a hole in my navel. Which I did.

Lovely day so far. This morning I exchanged cars with [livejournal.com profile] bobamster (because hers actually fits a longboard inside and I didn't want to fuss with racks) and headed to La Jolla shores. The waves were pretty nice, though there was some funky cross-current filling in the sets in odd ways. Kept shifting south over time. Not unmanageable though, and I got in two good hours of surfing.

After devouring lunch and showering, I went to Inr Nrg to have my navel pierced. I have to say, it was one of the coolest experiences I've had. Nick, who did my piercing, was a typical young altnera-rocker with lots of body mods but he was really into the symbolism and energy of mods. He thought it was pretty cool that I was having my navel, which is a symbol of new beginnings, pierced on my birthday. He explained everything to me and had me use some yogic breathing to center myself before and during the piercing. It was a very Zen experience and I am quite pleased. :)

I'm going to get a tiny nap so I'm perky and energetic for Wit's End later.

So far, 35 is okay. :)
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The waves at Torrey Pines look pretty mellow this morning, but they're shaping up nice and not closing out until really close to shore. I didn't hear the surf report for today, but it might be a good time to have a Surfing Related Emergency and take out the longboard.


Oct. 31st, 2004 04:13 pm
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Attention all San Diego LJ surfer chicks: I now own a wetsuit. Heh.
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There was Art, there was Mexican food, there was lots of surfing on Sunday. I mean, lots. My shoulders are unhappy with me for a) making them paddle against a longshore current for a long time and b) getting them all sunburned. But it was FUN! Afterwards [livejournal.com profile] bobamster and I ate the kind of meal that one can only properly enjoy when one has spent an inordinate amount of time in the water: giant veggie burritos from one of the the little stands on Washington. We further cemented our bond as "surfing brahs" by belching in front of each other. Now we just need to drink beer and check out women...


The first chorus rehearsal was Sunday evening and I am already excited about the concert. February is Black History month and March is Women's History month; our concert will be held on the last Saturday of February in celebration of both. We have some cool pieces we're revisting as well as interesting new music. We're doing a modern Indian piece by Victor Paranjoti based on traditional raga melodies. It's. So. Cool. So, if anyone happens to be in San Diego then, drop in and have a listen. ;)

Also, one of the members made a DVD of our Montreal performance and is making a copy for me. Do any of the locals have the gear to rip files from DVD's? I'd like to put a couple song files online so my family can "see" part of the show. Lemme know, k?


Finale of Six Feet Under was intense, pretty good tv. Not great, but that's been the story of the whole season. I liked some of the revelations regarding Lisa's disappearance. Very cool. But. I have a nitpick. James Cromwell needs to be grabbed about the neck and throttled vigorously.

The word. Is. Nuclear. It is pronounced nook-lee-ar not nook-yoo-lar. If he persists in pronouncing it like a half-witted spoiled rich Texas politician I will have no recourse but to thrash him publicly. That is all.

Okay. Work to do. Ciao.
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Don't load up the minidisc player with Aaliyah, India.Arie, and MeShell NdegeOcello unless you can stay in bed with the missus all day. It's conducive to something; something being not experiments. Oy.

New tools! I asked for some new, lower-repetitive strain pipettors. They were waiting here on my desk this morning! They're very comfortable, easy on the hands, and lightweight. It's like Christmas in the lab! Tidings of comfort and geeky joy!

The ocean is very calm today, not much at all in the way of surf. Lovely morning for walking along the beach, though. *sigh*


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