Sep. 17th, 2006 02:09 pm
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I'm really tired of having such a limited diet, although last night I had a plain burger. Protein was nice.

Also, if it turns out that I spent my entire weekend at work for naught I will scream. Loudly.

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Forget what I said the other day. My motherfucking period can go the hell away now.

Ow. Ow. McFucking O'Painful D'Excrutiating GodDAMMIT OW.


Apr. 13th, 2006 01:21 pm
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Where is the laundry service with my labcoats??? I'm FREEZING in here!
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OMG I am so freaking bored. I want it to be Monday, when I hear back from the other company about my interview. I want to be doing something interesting right now.

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Right now I'm fighting a gut urge to just pack and move, get the hell out of San Diego and go to some other city. Who cares if I have a job lined up when I could just move home with my parents and start over.

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I have a cold. In the summer. In the same week that I bought a surfboard. My body doesn't seem to understand that if I was going to call in sick this week, it was going to be for a surfing-related illness.

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Do I have to be at work today? I really don't want to. I would rather be playing Xbox or having a marathon movie fest on the couch. Or bullshitting with a friend. Or anything besides be at work today.

Distract me?
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This morning, I had my PAP and a shot in the arm. This is so unfair. I totally deserve a lollipop.
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Ugh. I've had a cold thing since the end of last week, and I am officially really tired of it. If it isn't the junk in my nose making it hard to breathe, it's the junk making me cough in the middle of the night, thereby keeping me in a state of perpetual sleep deprivation. Really, it's super fun.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to start giving my life some forward momentum. Granted, it really can't have any until the end of June, but at some point after that I will need 1) a car and 2) a place to live. I plan to chat with my folks for advice regarding item number 1, and am already checking craigslist and the sdreader for roommates wanted listings. Alternately, if any of my local peeps know someone who's looking for a roommate starting July-ish, let me know. Personal referrals are always preferable.

OK. That Work Thing. Needs to be done.
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1. Wacky sleep schedule and general tiredness + fighting off stomach bug = going to bed ~9pm

2. Couple I'm staying with don't have their VCR hooked up to the TV

3. I haven't seen Veronica Mars for several weeks and can't record the reruns to watch later
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Ack. I'm tired. And crampy. And my feet are cold.
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1. I have an assload of work to do, including making reagents for our affiliate out in Frederick, MD because our manufacturing facility can't seem to make a consistent product. I also have to do QC on manufacturing's raw materials to see if I can find the bad seed in the mix. While this isn't terribly time-consuming, it would be better handled by an internal QA/QC group. Which our management doesn't think we need.

2. Bioinformatics Guy said he asked for more data last week, which Frenchie was going to supply. I don't know what the status of this is, but something needs to move forward. BG was expressing doubt as to whether our product is going to meet launch data of 1 March 2005. Unacceptable!!

3. One full week into being my manager, and Furry German has yet to speak to me. Yesterday in lab, I broke the ice by telling him where to look for his lab coat. Ooooh, what a big step that was! He even look startled that I addressed him. Moron. My friend A told me to forward my resume to her, she has friends who are hiring. I'll be sending that out asap.

4. My neck hurts, so I made an appointment with Wonder Chiropractor at 5pm. This means I need to accomplish the bulk of my tasks before 4 pm, when I must leave. This means I need to get my arse off LJ.

5. Oy vey.
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It's an unseasonably warm and sunny Friday. I am at work, even though there is monstrous surf. If this doesn't put me in the running for sainthood, then I don't know what will. Really.

Actually, I'm just tired and cranky and want to be a slob. Haven't been sleeping well, my neck's out of whack, and I can't concentrate. I don't know if it's holiday stress, work stress, or some strange combination, but I'm just not fit for human consumption. Ugh.
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Is it time to go home yet?

Just checking.
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After a few days' respite, the Cold of Doom has now migrated into my chest. I spent the better part of last night hacking up my lungs and am feeling the worse for it today. I also have no voice, which makes me very cranky. This morning I will go to the doctor so that, hopefully, I won't spend two Thanksgivings in a row sick in bed.



Nov. 18th, 2004 09:24 am
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So. Second full day of staying at home with the Cold of Doom. My head no longer feels like it's going to explode; this is due partly to getting better and partly to the guaifenisen I took an hour ago. Yay for pharmaceuticals!

In the realm of accomplishments, I 1) dropped [ profile] wafflelips off for her ethics comp; 2) stopped at the pharmacy for aforementioned pharmaceuticals; 3) got my glasses fixed; and 4) stopped at Caffe Carpe Diem for their fabulous double french roast. Sema informed me they're now open until 9pm M-F. "Tell all your friends" she said. Consider yourself told; it's a great little spot, cozy with a ton of atmosphere and killer coffee. Go hang out. Go study. Go meet your neighbors.

ETA: The girl just called; she got an A on the ethics comp. :)

Uh oh

Nov. 16th, 2004 08:48 am
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[ profile] wafflelips is home with the Cold of Doom. I had grand plans to clean house this evening, do laundry, etc. But my head is starting to feel suspiciously achey and phlegmish (not to be confused with Flemish). Go away evil viruses! Begone!


Oct. 20th, 2004 07:59 am
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Back. Tired. Drained.
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I get to go home now. *thunk*


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