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Jul. 23rd, 2007 09:37 am
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No festival or fair is complete without a Mean Blue Sno Cone.
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Pics from a drive up to the mountains this afternoon.


More can be found here

tra la

Mar. 3rd, 2006 08:27 am
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Reposting 'cause I like this picture. I was getting a lot of cool effects on my digital camera that night, with long exposure times etc. I played with Photoshop a little to increase the pixilation, because I happen to like the pixilation. (If you knew the guys in Whitechapel, I think you'd understand why blurring their faces seems to be an appropriate artistic statement.)

Also, I need more Wire. Anyone have some I can bootleg?
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A small selection of the pics I took can be found here.


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Pics of Dead Letter Room and Whitechapel taken 021706 can be found here.


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Adopted this weekend from a friend. She's about 3 months old, pure black, super talkative and spastic. Her name is Lila.

attacking her mouse

she's very talkative

learning how to use the scratching post

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Pics for [ profile] sexxyred1 who asked to see my 'puter, the cutest person I see *not counting [ profile] virginmartyr1* and my favorite wave.

computer my computer, with optional feline upgrade.
i also count this toward the cutest (furry) person i saw today. i dare you to say bailey isn't the cutest. c'mon, i double dog dare you.
clouds at the shore my favorite wave is anyone i see that makes me forget i'm having a crappy day and lets me enjoy the beauty of nature. today, this was that wave.

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This time, photos are for [ profile] gonzo21 who wanted to see my bookshelf, my favorite plant, and a view from one of my windows.

I had trouble picking one plant, hence the multitude.

bookshelf my bookshelf. note books, cds, photos, and storage. i'm an ikea girl.
bird of paradise 2 bird of paradise.
bougainvillea the morning light catches the paper-thin flowers of the bougainvillea and the whole bush glows faintly. this picture does them no justice.
spirally palm i love palm trees. every time i see one, i stop and realize "hey, i really do live in southern california."
queen palm the aptly named queen palm. bloody majestic tree.
view from lr the view from my living room

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First, for [ profile] virginmartyr1 who asked to see 1. my car shirley, from an unusual angle, 2. my desk at work, and 3. my favorite thing from today.

shirley (my car), from an unusual angle shirley

note rainbow disco ball and wonder woman lunchbox. note rainbow disco ball and wonder woman lunchbox. how many lab notebooks do i have? that's depressing.

my favorite thing today is a wreath made of lab junk. geek festivity! a wreath made of lab junk. geek festivity!

And now, pictures for [ profile] lahermite who asked to see 1. me, 2. me from a different angle, in a different place, and 3. something I love. Voila.

me oi, i see you.

me, from a different angle at a different place ooh, she's figured out the timer function.

something i love, namely the pacific coast. i love it when it's overcast. i love going to the coast to relax. it's particularly gorgeous when it's overcast.

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First set of pics, for [ profile] raar who asked for 1) my breakfast (oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar and a cuppa joe), 2) my keys and 3) a nostril shot.

nostril shot avatar

ETA: I would just like to point out how similar my avatar is to my actual face. I'm just sayin'.
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A friend sent me a link to the homepage of a guy that used to dj a weekly goth/industrial dance night in Cleveland, circa '95. The dj had scanned and uploaded various pics taken at the club, and my friend pointed out that there are several shots where you can see our friend Dave dancing in the crowd. I checked out the pics and had such a weird feeling; not just of reminiscing but almost of being in two places at the same time.

So, just because, I've posted one of the pics. Yay, Dancing Daves are here again.

dancing @ violent playground dancing @ violent playground

the guy in the blue shirt just left of center is dave

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Since it's now officially autumn, I decided to pull out some photos I took when I was home last October. And then I decided to share them.

The film speed I used was too slow for that particular overcast, drizzling day, and I don't think these do justice to the vibrancy of color. But I'm sharing anyway.

cemetery cemetery

The entrance to the "new" (but not newest) part of the township cemetery. I just love the welcoming feel of the gate, as if by walking through the gates you'd simply be visiting with old friends. And the tree; that tree is phenomenal. I could have a whole post about that tree.
river in the rain river in the rain

A view of Rocky River. I love the way the rain speckles the river, the way the water moves and shimmers.
emmons rd emmons rd

A view off the side of one of the roads that cuts north-south. Red maples are the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The oaks aren't too bad, either.

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betty betty

This is the new girl in my life. Her name is Betty and I'm certain we'll have a long and happy relationship.
racked and ready racked and ready

This is Betty all racked up on the new car (Shirley) yesterday morning.
chicks dig bruises chicks dig bruises

My newest surfing trophy. Rock on!


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