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me:            "Paula Deen is serving lox and bagels? I guess they're not just for Jews anymore."
c:                "they probably have sour cream in them."
me:            "yeah, most likely."
c:                "or mayonaisse."
me:            "lol!"
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CW network cancels 'Veronica Mars'

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer 46 minutes ago

The CW network canceled the cult hit "Veronica Mars" and will try to pick up steam in its second year with series about the snobby rich, transplanted families and a bounty hunter for the devil.

The network, created out of the ashes of the former WB and UPN, had already ended the long-running family dramas "7th Heaven" and "Gilmore Girls." On Thursday the ax fell on "Veronica Mars," which starred Kristen Bell as a wisecracking teenage private eye.

Corporate parents CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc. had hoped the CW could become a fifth major network by combining the best of its predecessors, but it has often slipped behind Univision in the ratings during a disappointing first year.

The new "Gossip Girl," about a group of prep school teenagers in Manhattan, will be given the biggest push. The CW scheduled it for Wednesdays at 9 p.m. after its top-rated program, "America's Next Top Model."

The CW's only new comedy, "Aliens in America," is about a high school student trying to adjust to a Pakistani exchange student. "Life is Wild" is a drama about a New York City family spending a year at a game reserve in South Africa.

The new drama "Reaper" features one of the CW's oldest new characters: a 21-year-old. His parents sold his soul to the devil and he's assigned to track down evil escapees from hell.

On Sunday nights, the network will debut "The CW Now," an entertainment-oriented newsmagazine for 18-to-34-year-olds. "Online Nation" will talk about what's hot on the Web.

In midseason, the CW will bring on a reality show, "Farmer Wants a Wife," about a country guy choosing among 10 women fed up with big-city prospects.

Fox will also release its fall schedule on Thursday.

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My television is trying to eat me, I swear it is. It used to sit quietly in my living room, turning on to let me watch the food network or history channel or that one new show per season that sucked me in: Buffy, or SFU, or Veronica Mars, or BSG. But the world has shifted off its axis this year, and now there's a giant sucking vortex coming from my television that's pulling me in, farther and farther. I have a list! A gorram schedule of shows that I watch almost every freaking day of the week! I can tivo them, but then they just pile up on the hard drive and start to make me anxious. I can't go out larking about, I have shows to watch! I can't take a bath, I have to catch up on The Office!

It gets worse. All my life I've been content with hand-me-down second-hand televisions. Recently, I've actually started pricing new televisions! People, I need help! I don't need to spend my cash on electronics, I need to spend it on important things, like shoes and CDs!


I have considered cutting shows out of my schedule. Gilmore Girls is a goner and Studio 60 is on the bubble. But I've just been sucked into The Office (looks sideways at [livejournal.com profile] virginmartyr1 and mentally curses Rainn Wilson), so really folks I'm not making any headway on that front. But then I get to the current list:

  • Veronica Mars: okay, this season hasn't been as good, but the Keith-Veronica father-daughter interactions are my woobie. It stays.
  • Heroes: I want to have its babies! It stays.
  • BSG: I am invested, people. There are unknown Cylons in the fleet and I must know who they are! Also, Mary McDonnell is ubersexy esp. with EJO. It stays.
  • Grey's Anatomy: I can be all, Shut up, Meredith. Die, McDreamy. And then Addison comes on and lusts after Alex, and I feel the love. Or Cally comes by to commiserate with Addison, and I feel the love. Or Bailey brings the awesome and the passion and the commitment to medicine and I feel the love like whoa. And to top it off, Sandra Oh gets that one good scene every other episode or so, and shows us she can act circles around most of the leads without even saying a word, and I just feel so damn lucky that I get to see her work on a regular basis. *sigh* God help me, it stays.
  • Ugly Betty: IT IS THE GAYEST SHOW ON TV OMG! My inner gay man (say hello, Marcus) absolutely adores the Mode office decor, Wilhelmina's imperious demeanor, and Amanda and Marc's catty scheming. Plus also OMG the Major Plot Development of the Last Two Weeks! Yes, Betty and her familia are all sweet and wholesome and whateverthehell, and if it were just them I could leave this show. But OMG PEOPLE THE GAY! BRING ME THE GAY AND NO ONE GETS HURT!

Ahem. It stays.

So. You see my conundrum. I need help! Advice! An intervention and a stint in rehab with Isaiah Washington! Something please oh please help me something! *sobs*

OK yeah, science now. TV later.
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Dreamgirls :

You will  love this movie for the costumes, staging, and stellar performances. Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles and Eddie Murphy are phenomenal in the way they inhabit their roles. The characters' wardrobe tells us who they're based on, but the performers imbue them with the facial expressions, movement, and vocal style of the original Motown stars. It's impressive in its own right, but when they're finally allowed to give it a little of themselves -- Hudson and Knowles on solo numbers, Murphy in understated scenes highlighting emotional frustration -- is when they truly shine.

You will hate this movie if you are a pop music snob, Motown fanatic, or stickler for musical accuracy. The songs themselves are poor imitations of the Motown hit machine ("And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," besides having one of the worst titles in the history of song, is also one of the worst pieces of narrative music I've ever heard.) The score more accurately reflects the era in which the musical was written, not the era in which the story is set. The first scene takes place at a talent competition set roughly in the early to mid-60's, yet background music features the sort of wa-wa chicka-chicka rhythm guitar line that didn't become popular until much later.

Overall grade: B-

Arrested Development:

Over the holidays, I caught much of the second season on cable. It was enough to remind me how brutally funny the writing was, how sharp the acting was, and how stupid the network was. [profile] virginmartyr1  had never watched the show before, and was quickly hooked. Smart girl. :)

Overall grade: A


Also, I just learned that Kelly Bishop was in the original Broadway cast of A Chorus Line! She played Sheila! She sang "At the Ballet!" I love that song! My love has caused a momentary case of exclamationpointitis! Oh my!

TV Thoughts

Dec. 6th, 2006 05:50 pm
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Heroes )

I'm behind on Teh Battlestars and Studio 60, so this is all I got. Dismissed.
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Things are finally settling down in the new lab space. Chemistry has discovered the hiding place of the core Biology dry reagents. More importantly, they've handed them over to us which means I can run agarose gels to my heart's content. I spoke to Yuqian about needing bacterial media for some experiments, and she's already prepping a bunch.

Heroes continues to be gripping sci-fi; my love for Hiro (and many of the other characters) grows each week. The last two episodes of VM rocked the mothership hardcore, yo. How much do I love those plot twists and turns? Those delightfully in-character quirks and actions? I want to have its babies, that's how much. Dude.

I have a cup of hot fresh coffee in my hand, and ate tasty greek food for lunch. Say it with me now: life is good, wild and sweet. Heh.
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Last week's episode of Studio 60 was made more inneresting by the realization that Sarah Paulson is gay. Because, well gay makes everything more inneresting. So says I.

Also, Shut Up and Sing was made slightly more inneresting by the realization that Natalie Maines is married to the guy who plays Nathan in Heroes. FYI, Shut Up and Sing gets a thumbs up )

Finally, hello, I'm a geek. I'm not ashamed to be squeeful about this. Seriously.

OK. More coffee.
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The Man in Black visits Sesame Street

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Holy fucking McFuckity Fuck. That was some intense television.

tv rundown

Oct. 4th, 2006 10:02 am
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studio 60 )

veronica mars )

heroes )

Now, to wait for Battlestar Galactica. :)
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  1. [livejournal.com profile] virginmartyr1 and I found a good Iyengar yoga studio. We went to class yesterday after work and it felt wonderful. Good, directed, detail-oriented instruction to open up muscles and get energy moving in the body. I felt relaxed and energized afterwards. Plus there are puppies! The teachers have two lovely Jack Russells who hang out in the class quietly during asanas, then come out to make the rounds of lovies and snuggles afterwards. Yoga with puppies! Is that not the best thing ever?

  2. After yoga, we were both HUNGRY. And I had a bean burrito, with no repercussions from my body. w00t!

  3. While eating the aforementioned burrito (i love the word "aforementioned") we watched episode two of Studio 60. Gilbert and Sullivan FTW!!!!!!

oh man

Sep. 26th, 2006 10:34 pm
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Just watched the premiere of Heroes.

Oh man.

I could have such geeked-out-blissful love for this show. People of color! Interesting female characters! Neato spiffy abilities with sci-babble explanations! Comic book references!
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1. Next week, watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I am for serious. Smart, funny, well-done, character-driven ensemble show FOR THE WIN!

2. If you haven't done so, make sure you never ever watch Fantastic Four. Honestly, I was lying on the couch with a lowgrade fever and I still consider watching it a waste of my life. Michael Chiklis tries not to suck but no one else on the cast or crew seems bothered in the slightest by the roaring sound of the vacuum created by the suckiness of this movie.

run-on sentence FOR THE WIN!

3. Ani Difranco tomorrow night. Locals should go. For serious.

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The Battlestar Galactica short webisodes began airing yesterday. Check it out, then check back every Tuesday and Thursday for updates.
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  1. Season 2 of South of Nowhere premiers on September 29th. Shut up, yes I know it's on Noggin. I don't care. There are two queer girls who are dating, dammit. Not "having a drunk kiss" or doing stunt lesbianism, but flirting and laughing and going dancing and making out in cars and dating. I will tune in to watch this; yes I will occasionally make fun of myself for watching a teen show but I will not stop watching cute girls dating!

  2. I bought the new Secret Machines album, 10 Silver Drops. Verdict=thumbs up. It took a couple of listens with the stereo cranked up before I realized how much I like the disc. I think that's the best way to listen them. They make grand long epic layered musical concoctions and you need to give yourself room to soak everything in. It's a good thing. Go buy it.

  3. I've been bumped off a low-priority project to dogpile on the #1 project. This is good, this is a bummer, but I'm choosing to remain positive. I'll get another chance to really showcase my talents soon enough. I just need to be patient.

  4. Still working on those lyrics. They currently have a PJ Harvey mixed with Shirley Manson feel. We'll see what turns out.

    I wonder if I remember any chords on the guitar? Hmmm

  5. That is all.
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...is not such a bad place. Although last night while packing, [livejournal.com profile] virginmartyr1 and I caught up with So You Think You Can Dance.

snip )
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That'd be Gina Torres. Oh baby.

o rly?

she has the best clavicles
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Just got Disc 1 of Firefly from netflicks type thingy.
Watched the whole thing in one bout.
Want more.
Show's canceled.
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Salon's Video Dog page has archived a segment of Keith
Olbermann's newscast in which he lambasts Bill O'Reilly. It's called Big Men Brawling, and is within the Media Section of Video Dog.


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